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Fri May 16 06:56:33 CEST 2003

bbogart at ryerson.ca

>Hello NN

particularly enjoyed this exercise of our mental faculties

>> Max/MSP, PD, and jMax have been simply.stupid + dead.
>> generations of ultra boring male imbeciles have been porting and 
>> reporting and re:leasing miller puckette's simply.xy ideas
>> as generations and generations of male imbeciles have been USING 
>> and re:USING 
>> with mad abandon.

 you're simply.occident circumsized childhood leaves us ... wondering

>absolutly right, not much has changed since the idea of Miller Puckette.
>not much has changed since NATO modular... oh wait a minute, nothing AT ALL has 

arent i smarrrrrrrt

>Without OSX NATO is dead, 

au contraire. it is history.
the best memories are the shortest
particularly if one's fingerprints involve a sky scraper + painful ... ufff

>and as THE designer matriarch, I'm very unimpressed wi
>th your support of the useless stupid OS9, 

you candy colored clown

>made by old stupid men much more so t
>han yourself. I can't see whats taken so long for your to write your own operati
>ng system with NN-only hardware. Your just standing on the backs of idiots, and 
>your certainly not doing anything better.

more lyrical smiles
i lvvvvvvv my private hardware
almost as much as ...

>> secondly - saying good bye to a bloated and incompetent band of 
>> male workers is cause of celebration.

... -.-

>bye NN, 

a throw of dice
the man at sea
bye bye foreign 

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