[Erik Davis' Figments] New Terence McKenna CD

anna balint epistolaris at freemail.hu
Mon May 12 12:54:59 CEST 2003

Erik Davis <erik at techgnosis.com>

  Hi folks

  I just wanted to let you know that a two-CD recording of conversations I had
  with Terence McKenna shortly before his death is now available from the Trip
  magazine website:


  Terence McKenna: The Last Interview
  A new double-CD from Trip Magazine

  Terence McKenna (1946 - 2000) was one of the most provocative and
  entertaining philosopher-bards of the twentieth century. He stands alongside
  Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary as a lion of psychedelic thought, but his
  penetrating ideas about art, technology, and the apocalyptic forces of
  history went well beyond the usual drug tales.

  Blessed with a leprechaun's gift of gab, McKenna developed a cult following
  on the lecture circuit. Today recordings of his strange and often hilarious
  talks are traded like Dead bootlegs. As fans of his "trialogues" with Rupert
  Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham know, McKenna also came alive in conversation.
  But though scores of McKenna lectures circulate on tape and on the Internet,
  few in-depth recorded interviews with the man are available.

  In November of 1999, six months before McKenna succumbed to brain cancer,
  journalist and author Erik Davis visited the alchemical philosopher and
  mushroom bard at his home on the big island of Hawaii. A DAT machine
  recorded their long evening chats, which took place in McKenna's library.
  These tapes were the final recordings of McKenna's career. Terence McKenna:
  the Last Interview is a two-disc set that compiles the best and brightest
  nuggets from these conversations.
  Along with ruminations about entheogens, culture, and the future, McKenna
  talks about his childhood and his experiences traveling in the east. He and
  Davis also explore the psychedelic implications of animation and new
  technologies, as well as McKenna's spiritual beliefs. Finally, the
  conversations turn to the problem of death and dying, a topic that McKenna
  engages with admirable humor and courage.

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