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                        [ve]01: border counter

                         call for participation

The dream of a world-space completely fluid and passable is maybe the
last utopia of the 20th century.The smooth quality supposedly inherent
to contemporary space though, at a closer look of the territory seems
to fail.One of the immediate results of global interconnections and
movements, in fact, appears to be a proliferation of borders, security
systems, checkpoints, physical and virtual frontiers.This phenomenon
can be observed both at the micro-level of our surroundings and on the
macro-scale of global flows.Borders are, in fact, all around us.They
are both conventional and geographical, abstract and real, ordinary
and controversial.An encompassing view of this combination of flows
(of people, goods, ideas÷) and restrictions on a given territory
unfolds the complexity of both individual and collective identities
that are, at the same time, constructed and diffracted by the
experience of border-crossing.

Multiplicity is promoting a research project to detect this
proliferation of border devices, along with its consequences and
relations to contemporary space and society.


[ve]01: border counter is an installation project curated by
Multiplicity and Officina Plug-in that will gather different
experiences of borders-crossing on a pre-given route: Berlin ? Venice
? Jerusalem.It will be an on going visual atlas and archive on the
idea of borders and on the processes that are needed to move through
them. It will be a platform where different views, notions and
experiences will meet and mingle. It will be a collaborative work made
of the contributions of those who want to respond to this call.

[ve]01: border counter will gather, in this way, diverse perspective
coming from a number of individual positions and personal analysis. It
will be, at the same time, a fluid critical space, in which the idea
of border will be both visually and critically diffracted and


50th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. Utopia
Station exhibition. June 12th? November 2nd, 2003.


this call is to all those architects, urban planners, artists,
photographers, film-makers, designers, cultural practitioners who are
interested in contributing to [ve]01: border counter.Multiplicity and
Officina Plug-in invite them to share their travel notes, film
material, visas etc. with other traveller-artists in order to build a
collaborative project that gives a complex view on the experience of


all the participants are asked to travel through two given
trajectories: either Berlin / Venice or Jerusalem / Venice. The paths,
times, modalities of the travels are up to each participant.Trips can
be on foot, by bus, bike, plane, train, boat, mule÷ or any other
possible solution or combination.

The participants will have to deliver videos in mini-dv format and
photos on cd-rom. Editing facilities will be available in the
installation space. Travel papers, notes are welcome in combination
with the digital material.


[ve]01:border counter will open on June 12th. An on-line confirmation
is required to all the participants by may 31st via e-mail at
info at During the first days, the installation will
function as a meeting point for the traveller-artists and all the film
material will be collected and edited with the support of our
staff.Afterwards, videos of the different trips will be screened all
together throughout the whole period of the Biennale of Visual Art

[ve]01: deadlines

applicationmay 31st

deliveryjune 10th ? 20th

editing june 12th ? 30th

exhibitjune 12th ? november 2nd


[ve]01: border counter is an invitation to put ourselves in between,
in the middle of conflicts and contradictions. To detect the local
conflicts, using an insider view. It is a tool to remind the
proliferation of barriers, fences, enclaves, gathered circuits that
our societies are building in order to underline and fix the
identities of the multiple minorities which are structuring them.

[ve]01: border counter is a way to remind the weakness of our
identity-remarks. It is simply mirroring the imperfect Polyarchy which
is structuring our societies. Reflecting the arrogance and the dreams
of its multiple minorities.

Border-device(s) ? ? is an ongoing
research/project by Multiplicity(Stefano Boeri, Maddalena Bregani,
Maki Gherzi, Matteo Ghidoni, Sandi Hilal, John Palmesino, Alessandro
Petti + Isabella Inti, Salvatore Porcaro, Francesca Recchia) and Domus
Academy with Berlage Institute Rotterdam, Kunstwerke Berlin, Officina
Plug-in Venezia, Progetto Italia.

Multiplicity is a an agency for territorial investigation based in
Milan. Multiplicity is concerned in contemporary urbanism,
architecture, visual arts and general culture. Multiplicity detects
the physical environment, researching for the clues and traces
produced by new social behaviors. Multiplicity promotes and organises
projects in various parts of the world. Multiplicity is an
ever-changing network, recruited in the various geographical area of
intervention. The research network is formed by architects,
geographers, artists, urban planners, photographers, sociologists,
economists, filmmakers, etc. Multiplicity projects and produces
installations, intervention strategies, workshops and books about the
recent and hidden processes of transformation of the urban condition.
At present, the Multiplicity network counts on around eighty
researchers, involved in three major projects: USE-Uncertain states of
Europe (Bordeaux 2000, Brussels 2001, Tokyo 2001, Perth 2002, Milan
2002); Solid Sea, a study of the Mediterranean presented at
Documenta11 and Border-Device(s), a research about the proliferation
of controversial bounderies in the contemporary world (Berlin
Kunst-Werke, Venice Future Center, and Venice Biennale 2003). Other
recent projects include Tokyo Voids (Tokyo 2002), The Chinese
Connection (Perth International Arts Festival 2002) and Space World ?
a Void workshop (CCA Kitakyushu 2002).Publications include: Mutations,
(Actar, Barcelona 2001, with various authors); Mutations, (TNProbe,
Tokyo 2000, also by various authors), Geographie und die Politik der
Mobilitšt, (Generali Foundation, Vienna 2003, by various authors), USE
Uncertain states of Europe (Skira, Milan 2003).

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