zenska infoteka: Database of the Regional women's directories on the web

anna balint epistolaris at freemail.hu
Thu Sep 19 15:29:32 CEST 2002

<zinfo at zamir.net>
Dear friends,
We are happy to announce that the database of the Regional womenís
directories is available on the Zenska infoteka web pages
(www.zinfo.hr/indoc/IndocHomeW.htm).  It is a result of common work of
the national Womenís INDOCís from 9 countries done in cooperation with Open
Society Institute - Network Womenís Program.
At the moment the site is presenting an integrated database of 464
womenís groups, organizations, and institutions from 9 countries, but till the
end of this year (2002) three more national directories will be added. In
2003, the entire network will be included in the database that is 16
The groups, organizations, institutions etc. are searchable not only by
the name of the organization, countries etc., but also upon a content and
problem-related key words/notions describing their respective fields
and modes of work. The database is designed to reflect to numerous
references and enables searching data on the group(s) according to the title,
abbreviation, country, key words, type of the group and reports of all
details of selected groups, like their activities, projects etc.
We believe that this database will help all of us to look for contacts,
cooperation, to learn about the activities of other groups in all these
countries and similar.
Please, take a look at the database and we are very keen to hear your
comments, suggestions, and critics.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,
INDOC team of Zenska infoteka

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