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"... I could start a conversation via Internet with Maurice Dantec; I see
there many advantages, but nevertheless two disadvantages. The first, it is
what I am likely to fall from agreement with him. Indeed, until now, Europe
is null; and it is necessary me to achieve an act of faith almost
superhuman, and thus fragile, to suppose that it can go from there
differently. The second, it is that through being able to speak freely on
Internet, we will not manage any more to adapt us to the constraints of the
traditional media. But, a last question: is this really a disadvantage?...
"at the end of April 2002, Michel Houellebecq ***
http://casseurs2hype.free.fr/one2one/dantec.ram - approximately 36
http://casseurs2hype.free.fr/one2ne/dantec2.ram minutes - "33 minutes ***
"oneòne # 08" Copyleft TH.TH. May 2003 free diffusion -
http://www.subversiv.com/doc/dantec/dantec.htm example *** soon ONE2ONE # 09
with Shine of Miranda on the virtual surface of Play of the "artists without
works" of the ego-trip and the belly hyperplat of his/her girlfriend. ***
The concept "one2one" is Copyright © 2003 Thierry THéolier and Copyleft:
this concept is free, you can redistribute it:vous to inspire and/or modify
it according to terms' of the Free Licence Art. You will find a specimen of
this Licence on the site Copyleft Attitude http://www.artlibre.org/
breakage-dédi with Pierre Desproges, Raphaël Mezrahi & Nobody of the

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