[syndicate] Matrix makers declare war on pirates

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for matrix check this link today...

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> Cannes film festival
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> Matrix makers declare war on pirates
> Fiachra Gibbons, arts correspondent
> Friday May 16, 2003
> The Guardian
> The Matrix Reloaded, the most eagerly awaited sequel of recent times,
> premiered at the Cannes film festival yesterday amid the kind of security
> that usually accompanies summits of world leaders.
> With the GDP of several small countries riding on its box office success,
> just getting to see it involved negotiating five levels of security, metal
> detectors, electronic badge checks, bag searches and, for the unlucky few,
> full body frisks.
> Once inside the Palais du Cinema, more guards scanned the seats for cameras
> or hidden recording equipment.
> http://film.guardian.co.uk/cannes/story/0,13266,957079,00.html


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