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Fri May 16 00:19:58 CEST 2003

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>--On Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:01 PM +0200 Christian Klippel 
><ck at> wrote:r
>> and eventually some good:
>> instead of relearning im now going to fork the jmax 2.5.1 source tree,
>> and  based on that, im going to develop my very own multimedia system.
>> yes, i  will, because it roughly would take me the same time as to learn
>> all the new  stuff, but then i have a base i can build on. but that will
>> take some weeks,  eventually 2 to 3 months until ready. so, the stuff
>> will not vanish  completely, it will just transform to a new software.
>Please do not do this.  I can understand your annoyance at the lack of 
>documented changes in jMax, and the fairly radical transformations which 
>have taken place between 2.4 and 4.0.  However, to just fork the code and 
>start a new project merely confirms all the FUD which opponents of 
>free/open source software have been spreading.  We already have three 
>systems derived from Max (Max/MSP, PD, and jMax.)  We do not need a fourth. 
>What we need is more work on what we've got.  If you're really that 
>frustrated with jMax, contribute to PD, or SuperCollider, or CSound (now 
>GPL'D), or the Ardour project, or any one of the numerous open source audio 
>projects which currently exist.
>Obviously, this is your own decision, and I trust it was not an easy one. 
>However, fragmentation is never a good thing.  It only hurts users in the 
>long run.

Max/MSP, PD, and jMax have been simply.stupid + dead.
generations of ultra boring male imbeciles have been porting and reporting and re:leasing miller puckette's simply.xy ideas
as generations and generations of male imbeciles have been USING and re:USING 
with mad abandon.

secondly - saying good bye to a bloated and incompetent band of male workers is cause of celebration.

a bad thing is exporting anything.

>It only hurts users in the 
>long run.

neither you nor the ircam clowns understood why ck at selected to "bye bye"

exporting garbage is a GOOD thing.

>> for, for now it will stay as it is, but as soon as i have my
>> new  stuff halfway together, it will all change to the new stuff of
>> course. so, if  anyone want to take over the existing code of externals,
>> go, grab it and  start porting, it might be gone tomorrow.
>> the lists on my server will be closed the next days, but i will be still
>> here  on this list.
>> greets and have fun,
>> chris

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