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>agricola de cologne gets steve dietz's job
>people suddenly do their own stuff on their own web sites

in 2014 Agricola de Cologne will be also an artist,
and the curators of the Walker Art center as well.

>>2014 and the Cavellini year it's not that far,
>what is it ?
>(just looked up the name but you are certainly a more intereting source)
Gugliemo Achille Cavellini, G.A.C. [1914-1990] was originally a rich and enthousiast 
art collector from Brescia, he supported the abstract art of the late 40's and the 
50's, and his collection was so important that the first Documenta in 1955 borrowed 
more than 25 works from him. His collection was open for the public betwen 1964 and 
1972, but the city was not interested to have it when Cavellini offered it. After a 
while the collection got an enormous commercial value, and Cavellini started to sell 
the works, and repleace them with works of Rauschenberg, Twombly, J. Johns, pop-art 
artists, Nouveau Realistes, Armani, Klein, Spoerri, Arte Povera artists, Fluxus 
artists, works of the Vienese Actionists, Nitsch, Brus, Schwarzkogler, concept 
artists, Kaprow, Dibbets, Kosuth.
Since he was revolted by the total disinterest of the institutions about his work, 
and he understood perfectly that art in the 20th century is much based on attitude, 
he answered with inventing the self-historisation (autostoricizzacione). From 1971 
he started to publish books, diaries, posters, he ordered portaits form other 
artists,he made photo montages, dokument photos, videos, and concrete poems about 
his life.
Using the post-Vasarian art history style that connected the life of the artist
and his works, he wrote burlesque texts, encyclopedic articles from the perspective 
of the international Cavellini centenary in 2014.  He started a lot of plagiarist 
actions, he destroyed and reconstructed his own, and others works. He wrote his 
works on the body of his modells in the '70s and 80's. In 1974 he innundated  the 
Dorsoduro district in Venice with flyers and posters and he printed maps that 
marqued the place of his stickers. He framed the maps and  distributed them at the 
Biennale. He created so many documents, that no devoted art historian is able to 
reconstruct his work. It happened even with me, that for a moment i was not 
attentive, and a friend glued dozens of Cavellini flyers in my car.
In 1971 he made 16 variants of a poster documenting his exbitions that are going to 
take place 50 years later in Chicago, Dusseldorf, Tokyo at the occasion of the 
Cavellini centenary. He published his memoires, where he describes his meetings with
famous artists, he published the Cavellini encyclopedia article in numerous forms,
it appeared even a 'corrected' English translation on plexiglass, but it apperead on 
flags of the Vatican as well. He edited post stamps from the portaits that Warhol, 
Vostell, James Collins made about him. He published '25 books about Cevellini', a 
documentation with the book covers of 25 authors who wrote about Cavellini: among 
others St. Augustine 'Confessions about Cavellini, Leonardo 'Essay about Cavellini', 
Darwin 'The origin of Cavellini', Nietzsche: 'Thus spoke Cavellini', Vasari: 'Life 
and Work of Cavellini 'etc. Later Cavellini expressed his thanks in the books '25 
letters of Cavellini' for the authors. 
He was very active in the mail art netwok, his lists of addresses were legendary.
He sent for instance in 1978 his mails to 15.000 addresses.
He documented in his mail-art his exhibitions also, for exemple a photo exhibition 
documenting the Nixon-Mao meeting and the Cavellini-Warhol meeting at the opposite 
wall. He became so famous, that he was invited to different exhibitions, first to 
the 'Inter-Dada 80' of Buster Cleveland in Ukiah, USA. He arrived to Budapest in 
1980, he made the fantastic performance work 'Hommage a Vera Muhina' together with 
Gyorgy Galantai.

Also his 'Ten Ways to Make Yourself Famous' are online.

there is a Cavellini page of the Cavellini Archive Foundation,
with some portaits, like the portrait by Claudio Costa (1972), which illustrates
the evolution from Neanderthal Man to Cavellini,
or Cavellini, covered by Cavellini flyers,
or with reproductions of images about famous public buildings that would be the 
scene of the celebration of his work and of his figure as an artist. the Palazzo 
Ducale in Venice  with a drape  "Cavellini 1914-2014", his own symbol, or other 
places such as the Uffizi in Florence, the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) in Milan, 

such fun his works!


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