Word in Motion, Riga, September 2003

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Mon May 5 15:08:59 CEST 2003

Word in Motion - 2. International poetic video festival
September, 2003
Riga, Latvia

In September, 2003 text group "Orbita" will organize 2. International
Poetic Video festival "Word in Motion". First festival was organized in
2001 with more than 30 works shown from 15 different countries (Latvia,
Russia, USA, UK, Belgium, Macedonia etc.) Some of Latvian participants'
works you can find in videoteca at http://www.orbita.lv.

Poetic video (poetic short films) is the genre, mutually developed by film
and video artists. It is synthesis of text and visual image, video
interpretation of poetry or video editing of text, which gives it a poetic

In the framework of this year's festival there will be not only screenings
of festival works, but also several other programs, devoted to particular
subjects. For example "The United States of Poetry"  - film series by Bob
Holman (USA), which can be considered an original video anthology of
American poetry.

This year festival is organized in co-operation with Latvian Poetry Days,
and during the festival there will be poetry readings and theater
performances by poets, musicians and video artists.

This year organizers have decided to broaden the limits of the genre: films
on poetic texts, video documentations of literary readings and
performances, films about poetry (and poets) and photo-poetic collages,
where text is used as the main visual element, will also be considered.

Any other experimental forms of interaction between poetic texts, sound and
visual image are also welcome.

Information about festival works as well as poetical and critical texts on
interaction between literature and visual arts will be published in small

Works should be submitted by August 1, 2003.
Formats: Betacam, super VHS, VHS, MiniDV or CD-ROM.

Works together with application form should be sent to:
Stabu street 104-19,
Riga,  LV-1009

Aplication form is available in the net:

more info about the festival:
orbita at orbita.lv


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