hou dze veLt kalkulatez

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Mon May 5 00:45:32 CEST 2003



u lv - zoz!et! u!l kondemn u
u dont lv - 2x u!l kondemn u 

1 muzt aford !t
affordable = z!mpl!.okc!dent demokraz!e

! - d!sz IS     V        A      S       T 

i - d!sz auss!. !f zomdz!ng = tzo del!z!ouz 2 dezerv dze lokomoz!on ov dze total zakr!f!sz

                                        !t kould b u
                                           dze a n z u e r 

>unable. work.

!f !t uaz ....
but !t !z fear

zom western demokrazie viktims

>nato.0+55 is art
>jitter is a [illegal] tool
>why is attitude so important

4 dze zame r!zn u ztuff ur zelv z!l!.

kome out and love something coward
that blubber is your beauty

some 2x would love to lick it 
if you feel it's simply delicious
it will melt away

you have only to taste it
+ all shall be given to you

your current shape is precisely that you have desired most



>you did this + this + that

juzt look!ng ... !t !z az beaut!fl az u u!sh !t

b!enzur. elsz ! ud not hav zakr!f!zd ever!dz!ng

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