\\ konsc!ouznesz alter!ng program!ng [tm (juzt)]

integer at www.god-emil.dk integer at www.god-emil.dk
Wed May 21 08:04:06 CEST 2003

>to get to three you have to go to the end of two.
>three oranges, unwrapped, unpeeled, unused, unconsumed,
>picked off the vine at the same time with 99.9 genetic likeness. ah...=20=
>so two and one are a part of three. but they each started someplace=20

may be assured kurt would smile at you with: 
see this? this is this. this is not that. those oranges arent free. und tzo va!ter.
which may be why kurt programs komputers and you program oranges.

nn - at t!mez konz!derz ku!te an akompl!schmnt 2 hav zurv!vd dze amalgam ov 
     4tu!touz occ!dent `perzonal!t!ez` enkountrd ___... negat!vl! prepared 4 dze th!ever! houevr

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