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Davide Grassi - Igor Stromajer - Brane Zorman:
Ballettikka RealVideo Internettikka

(terroballet # tactical net action)

launch: December 18th, 2003
+ Television Slovenia / Culture (live real media streaming at
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"Who was pulling the strings of Chechen terrorist leader?"
(The Observer)

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Ballettikka RealVideo Internettikka is the third self-contained
action in the tactical project Ballettikka Internettikka, which
began in 2001 with the exploration of Internet ballet. The
second installment, in March 2002, consisted in Stromajer and
Zorman carrying out an illegal ballet invasion in Moscow's
Bolshoi Theater and transmitting it live on the Internet. Now,
in Part 3, Grassi, Stromajer and Zorman have brought together
two Moscow performative acts: the ballet break-in in the Bolshoi
and the Chechen terrorist act in the Dubrovka Theater in October
2002. The condensed version of Ballettikka RealVideo
Internettikka consists of a video with Morse-code dramaturgy.

Moscow, as a juncture of avant-garde movements and political
symbolism, unites the two actions: the homicidal-suicidal
terrorist act represents the ritual manifestation of the
intimate sacrifice of one's own body, as well as of those of
others, while ballet represents a strategic sacrifice of the
dancer's body as it is honed into a flawlessly functioning
machine. "Terrorism is theater," Brian Jenkins tells us, but in
the end, all aesthetic norms are abandoned and all that is left
is tactics, both in art and terrorism.

Ballettikka RealVideo Internettikka makes a contribution to the
misunderstanding of contemporary postmodern terrorism and
democracy's fear of fanatic devotion; it represents a
fascination with criticism of the system and with appeals to the
beauty of dying. Through performative disturbances of the
electronic medium, which opens itself up to emotion and the
flesh of the body, identity is transformed. "We've come here to
die!" proclaimed Barayev, the Chechen terrorist leader, as the
group disrupted the Moscow performance of the musical Nord-Ost.
"We've come here to dance," wrote Stromajer, as an Internet link
was established with the Bolshoi Theater and the wireless ballet
began, seven months before Barayev's dying.

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Davide Grassi -
Igor Stromajer -
Brane Zorman -

Production: Aksioma, 2003
Financially supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of
Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana

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Moderna galerija Ljubljana - Slovene Museum of Contemporary Arts
December 18th 2003 - March 31st 2004

Television Slovenia - Culture (weekly on TVS 1, CET Central
European Time GMT+1; Berlin/Paris local time):

18.12.2003 / 21:00 / Osmi dan (Eight Day)
25.12.2003 / 22:45 / Kultura (Culture)
01.01.2003 / 22:45 / Kultura
08.01.2004 / 22:45 / Kultura
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29.01.2004 / 22:45 / Kultura
05.02.2004 / 22:45 / Kultura
12.02.2004 / 22:45 / Kultura
19.02.2004 / 22:45 / Kultura

(RealMedia INTERNET streaming + TV signal: Satellite Eutelsat,
Hot Bird 3, 13 degrees East, transponder 80, 12302, 880 MHz,
polarisation Y, coding system Viaccess)

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Elaborated at The Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow, Russia), Aksioma
Studios, BeitThroN Productions & Thronus Sound System and Intima
Studios (Ljubljana Slovenia). Edited and produced in Aksioma

Presented in the frame of U3 - 4th Triennal of Contemporary
Slovenian Art, December 2003; curated by Christine Van Assche
(head curator of New Media Department, Centre Georges Pompidou,

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