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Sat Sep 1 18:38:25 CEST 2001

> More than 300 young artists coming from Art Academies of 16 countries

I believe that there is a problem within the global arts arena - in relation
to Academies promoting its artists alone and not outsiders. There are many
very talented and challenging independent artists/creative individuals who
are ignored by such events, due the the situation of these many creative
types making the brave, informed decision not to be taught by institutions,
supporting the establishment.

A lot of the more innovative artists who have forged a platform for these
young artists to stand on outside of the institutions - the net artists, art
activists, writers who have been exploring new territories in the real
world. Get no recognition for thier valid and priceless contribution. A lot
of them came from different fields thus contributing to the very lively
culture of the global art experience that we are all experiencing now. Yes,
the institutions continue to ignore these valuable entrepeneurial creative
adventurers, taking their ideas and reinforcing their own economy from it.

The traditional divide and rule tactic that is practised via ignorance and
the process of default, does not bode well. In the 21st century I thought
that it might be possible for a more playful and lateral integration. Yet it
is obvious that the establishments' pruned children, must be supported at
whatever the cost. For they are the darlings (no matter how ill-informed
their processed identities and taught art roles are. Hail the products and
weapons of the institutions, for the show must go on. If the established
orders were to jump into the realm of non specialisation, actually dare to
open their minds and doors. A cultural revolution would take place, it would
be real, not just virtual.

But of course, the dream is not going to happen. So the process of providing
a false economy, protecting the 'new kids on the block' in the name of art,
an unchallenged abhorrence that dominates over real freedom of creativity.
It makes art a political mindfield, in supporting such stances, generating
an unhealthy imbalance. Thus encouraging an institutional type of denial, a
lie, hiding other talent who do not have the same facilities. The
underground art scene is not underground because they want to be kool - it
is because they are developing new ideas and creative strategies that are
not immediately accepted by the established order.

Išve worked in many different fields and the art arena itself stinks of
spoilt, self conscious egotistical children, bred to consume off other
peoplešs discoveries to hoist themselves to that shakey throne. Institutions
hide using an innocent guise, scared of loose cannons that blast away their
manufactured veneer. Things have got to change now - or, well - these
institutions will be demolished like the corporate companies who have been
exploiting the peoplešs for far too long.

So as you go through the predictable marketing motions of promoting your
spawned children, who do not possess Œembodiedš creative experience. And
promoting the tiresome, ever offensive label 'new generationš. Just think
what you are doing and who you are not seeing, for this type of lazy action
that creates a delusory enterprise. It is not democratic, it is not
generous, it is not interesting, it is not real, is not purposeful, it is
not bridging gaps, it is not helping anyone other than those who are already
receiving support. 

I propose that we close all artistic bodies - for about 2 years say. This
will give the others who have not been given the support or marketing,
propaganda iniatives to rebalance the scales. Now that would be

marc garrett

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